The Future of the Pod

June 7, 2017

In this episode, Paul, Jimmy, and Glen give you a peek behind the curtain and let you listeners all know what's going on with the podcast. Glen is moving to a different state so he won't be right beside Paul and Jimmy anymore. Did you want to here us talk about podcasting for an hour? No? Well too bad! The boys wax nostalgic about early iterations of the podcast as well as the trials and tribulations of starting a podcast while in school. They revisit a few older concepts and come up with a few more future episode ideas in the mean time. Ultimately, they jammer on about what this podcast means to them and what we hope you, the listener, are getting out of it (if anything). We always appreciate feedback and love to hear from anyone and everyone. This episode also features our new Intro and Outro music from our good friend, John Kim. This is truly the most META podcast we've ever done.




Intro/Outro Tunes: John Kim