Puzzles, Platformers and More Part 1 - With Special Guest Karl

May 26, 2017

In this episode, Paul, Jimmy, and Glen along with special guest Karl talk about teaming up to go to a real "Escape Room" and how that experience was similar and dissimilar to playing 3D puzzle platformers such as Portal. The boys get a bit philosophical today while talking a bit about what makes a puzzle a puzzle and how solving something in real life has different rewards than solving a puzzle in a video game. This episode can count as a sort of "primer" for next week where we'll be talking specifically about a few of our favorite 3D puzzle platformers: Talos Principle and The Witness. Both the Talos Principle and The Witness make us very excited for the genre of 3D puzzle platformers and we'll ride that proverbial airplane until it crashes and burns. Find the solutions on this episode of Meta'd Podcast. If you want to help the show out leave us a review wherever you listen to us!