Path of Exile - With Special Guest Tom

May 11, 2017

In this episode, Paul and Jimmy, along with special guest Tom, talk about a game they all hold near and dear to their hearts: Path of Exile. No Glen this week for forseen reasons but he will return next week! This episode has a wide range of knowledge about the game from Tom who has clocked in thousands of hours to Jimmy who has played a bit but sucks and gets frustrated too easily. Paul loves to mess around with non-ideal builds and Tom plays for keeps. The boys find a double entendre in the developers "Grinding Gear Games" that blew their freaking minds. They talk a lot about how amazingly "cool" and fun the game is and how accessible it is to anyone. If you haven't played Path of Exile and like video games that take you on amazing journeys then you are missing out on a very unique (and very well developed) gaming experience. 

Go play Path of Exile: 

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