Interview with Thomas Loupe - Game Composer/Sound Engineer

March 18, 2019

Jimmy has a chat with Thomas Loupe, a man who wears many hats some of which are: Sound Designer, Producer, Composer & Game Designer.



2019 already...okay! Jimmy has a chat with Thomas Loupe (aka First Sun) about music and games. They talk about struggling with imposter syndrome, creating music in general, getting busted for hacking school computers, Garth Brooks, and more in this episode!

Sorry about some audio glitches in this episode (mostly my audio being doubled in some parts), podcasting is hard!

Most of the music in this episode is by Thomas, check out his stuff!!

Tried to figure out how this is "meta-analysis" and came up with: What's more meta than talking with people who create the things we want to talk about?

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Intro/Outro Tunes: John Kim